FTLH-EXW (Full Float)

Full Float Fertilizer/Lime Spreader Bed - Truck Mount

(Truck not included)

The Chandler FTLH-EXW Fertilizer and Lime Spreader Bed: 304 Stainless Steel Hopper, up to 90' Fertilizer and 60' Lime spread pattern, Stainless Steel Spinner Assembly, 24" 1" x 1" Stainless Steel Mesh Chain, Tandom Motor Drive on Conveyor, Agri-Cover SRT-2 Roll Tarp Assembly with 304 Stainless Steel End Caps.

** Raven and Teejet Guidance/Control Systems are available.

Call for Pricing and Availability.

JFES Configuration: 

Hopper Specifications

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 45 degree Sides
  • Rate: Controlled by a Raven or Teejet System.
  • Inverted Vee: Aids in keeping excess weight off of the floor chain (removable and adjustable)
  • Tarp: Agri-Cover SRT-2 Roll Tarp assembly with 304 Stainless Steel End Cap.

Conveyor Specs

  • Type: 24" - 1" x 1" Mesh Type 304 Stainless Steel
  • Drive: Tandem Motor Drive on Conveyor.
  • Metering Gate: Rack and Pinion gate has quick adjust hand wheel and gate lock system for easy adjustment. Gate, metering gate, gate slides and gate pipe mfg. from type 304 stainless steel. 
  • Material Divider: Specially designed and adjustable for proper placement of material onto spinners for maximum accuracy in spread patterns. Material divider and adjustment screw are both manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel.

Spinner Specs

  • Spinner Design: Twin spinners, 24" diameter with 4 blades per spinner, specially designed for extremely accurate broadcasting of material
  • Spinner Drive: Hydraulic Drive Spinners for accurate speed control.
  • Spread Pattern: up to 90' Fertilizer, 60' Lime

Addition options available.

Data sheet

Overall Length
171.5" to 195.5" (14' 3.5" to 16' 3.5")
Overall Width
130" (10' 10")
Overall Height
59" (4' 11")
Hopper Length
From 10' to 14'
Hopper Width
110" (9' 2")
Spread Pattern
up to 90' Fertilizer, 60' Lime
Measurements may change with Tire Size and/or Floor Chain size. Capacity is estimated.



FTLH-EXW Truck Mount

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